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Class Coordinators' meeting Saturday, February 20, 2016 at the Simeon Alumni Village Hall at 10am!  For more details contact Ms. Tonya Little at 1-708-802-3723 or tmdlittle@gmail.comReminder: $200 fee will be due!

Alumni, Simeon's "Baseball Team" needs our help!  They are asking alumni, family and friends to donate by clicking the button below.  We support Simeon's basketball and football teams, let's help and support Simeon's baseball team!

Coach Al Scott Story

President: Mr. Brian Smith '76

Vice President: Ms. Vernessa Barnes '78

Recording Secretary: Ms. Vanessa Williams '75

Financial Secretary: Ms. Sonia Doyle '79

Parliamentarian: Mr. Arnold Coleman '80

SAA Register Simeon Students to VOTE!

Photos from Simeon's Voting Registration below!

Class Coordinators!

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Congratulations to SAA's "2016-2018 Executive Committee Members:

SAA once again is showing the people that we are out in the communities performing volunteer services.

Dates & Times:

Feb 7th - 4:30pm

Feb 18th - 6pm

Feb 19th - 1pm

Simeon Alumni Association's Vice President, Ms. Vernessa Barnes along with Velma Anderson 1st VP Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha Pi Chi National Sorority doing good works, at Simeon Career Academy (SCA).  They worked diligently to "register the Simeon students to VOTE!"

Alumni, William Smith's ('78) story of Coach Al Scott, called "The Blue Machine" will air on CANTV (Channel 19 locally, check your local listing). We hope you will check out Coach Scott's story!

Please make sure you attend the "Class Coordinators' meeting Feb 20, 2016 at 10 am, at the Simeon Alumni Village Hall located at 820 W 89th Street.  Inquiries, please contact Ms. Tonya Little at 1-708-802-3723 or Class fee of $200 is due, to help cover overhead cost of SAA 2016 Cookout! 

Voters Registration Drive was held at Simeon, SAA partnering with Alpha Pi Chi National Sorority organized a Voters Registration Drive to register Simeon Career Academy students to vote.  Students who were eligible to register to vote showed up and showed out!  Some of the students were so happy that they will have the right to vote and others felt that it was the respectable thing to do.  We will hold another drive maybe in February or early March, 2016 for  those who did not get an opportunity to register.

Support Simeon's Baseball Team - Donate

Mr. Brian J. Smith

Simeon Alumni Association